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Blood Glucose Monitering Meter

Item Blood Glucose Monitering Meter
Price US$ 48.56

Item Detail
Content of the System
  • A Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter
  • Free 25 test strips
  • Free 25 sterile lancets (needles).
  • Sporty carrying bag
  • A lancing device
  • Test control solution
  • Owner's manual
  • Your first time using guide
  • Your Life Time Warranty Card

  • Strip ejection function
  • Automatic alarm function
  • Result indicator on screen
  • Quick response time in only 7 secs
  • Easy internal code selection
  • Alternative site testing (AST)
  • Only 0.7 ml of blood sample
  • 450 memory with date & time
  • PC Download

    Symptoms of diabetes

  • To be thirsty most of the time
  • To be hungry frequently
  • Frequent urination
  • Sudden loss of body weight
  • Getting tired more often
  • Numbness of body part/s
  • Difficulty in healing wound
  • Eye sight problems
  • Ulcer in the feet
  • Urinary tract infectionWho are most likely to be affected by diabetes?
  • Children of diabetic parents
  • Persons with obesity (Fatness)
  • Persons with high blood pressure
  • Persons with heart/kidney problems
  • Persons with hormone imbalances

  • CLEVER CHEK TD-4231 system is one of the best Glucose Monitoring Systems worldwide. It already has a Global Market Presence in many countries such as Nepal, India, US, Australia, UK, China, Germany, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, South Africa, Indonesia and quickly expanding to many other countries. It is also an ISO13485, ISO9001 Company with GMP, FDA, and CE certification. CLEVER CHEK TD-4231 Blood Glucose Monitoring system is easy to use and accurate to manage your diabetes effectively. The system is intended for using outside the human body (in vitro diagnostic use) at home and in clinical settings. The results you get from our test system can help you and your healthcare professionals monitor and adjust your treatment plan to control your diabetes better.
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